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Bird-friendly communities

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Banner for Brown-headed nuthatch nestbox project
The Brown-headed Nuthatch, a southern bird born and bred, needs your help to find a good home. Because of urbanization and deforestation, these nuthatches are losing the pinewoods and dead trees they need for nest holes. These darlin’ squeaky birds need more nest boxes now so we can all enjoy them for generations to come.
With your help, 10,000 new Brown-headed Nuthatch homes will be put up in North Carolina by 2015. To help with this effort Mecklenburg Audubon is selling nestboxes specifically designed for these diminutive birds for $15. We will have the boxes at our monthly meetings. But to make sure there is one waiting for you please contact Jill Palmer to reserve your box.
To keep track of how many houses are going up, please register your Nuthatch Nest Box project participation. When you register, we'll send you more fun facts about nuthatches and other backyard birds.
More information on the project and Brown-headed Nuthatches -
Brown-headed Nuthatches Need a Good Home!
Fact Sheet
ID information
•Mark Stanback's Research on Brown-headed Nuthatches in the Charlotte Area
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Why drink Bird-Friendly Coffee

This brief two page .pdf takes the mystery out of all the different labels on coffee that pertain to protecting birds and other wildlife.    
The MAS coffee drinkers who attend meetings have noticed that the coffee we serve is really good. So much so that we often run out. The coffee is not only good-tasting, but it is also very bird friendly. Our coffee source is Birds & Beans, which only uses organic, shade grown, bird-friendly coffee that is certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. Not only is the coffee grown in a bird-friendly manner, but Birds & Beans donates more than 10% of their profits to a variety of bird and nature organizations.
Want to get some of this great coffee for your home and help conserve habitat for neotropic migrants plus support other MAS conservation projects at the same time? Then order your coffee from us! Place your order by the 1th of the month and pick it up at the next monthly meeting. Checks (made out to Mecklenburg Audubon Society) and cash are accepted when you receive your order.
Here is the selection we are offering:
Chestnut-sided Warbler Medium Roast (12 ounces) $14.00
Chestnut-sided Warbler Medium Roast (32 ounces) $25.00
Wood Thrush Breakfast Roast (12 ounces) $14.00
Wood Thrush Breakfast Roast (32 ounces) $25.00
Scarlet Tanager Dark Roast (12 ounces) $14.00
Scarlet Tanager Dark Roast (32 ounces) $25.00
Baltimore Oriole French Roast (Decaf) (12 ounces) $15.00
Baltimore Oriole French Roast (Decaf) (32 ounces) $27.00
You have the choice of coarse, extra fine, fine or medium grinds. WHOLE BEANS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE.
To pre-order your coffee for pick-up at the monthly meeting email Bill Duston and provide him with the following information: Name, Phone Number, Email address, Number of bags desired, Type of coffee, Grind type, and Size.
Once received, Bill will confirm the order with you. If you have any questions, contact Bill Duston [] or Jan Fowler [].
Thanks and keep drinking... the coffee!
Evergreen Nature Preserve
After working hard to save this urban forest from being turned into soccer fields, Mecklenburg Audubon has committed to working with the Mecklenburg Park and Recreation Department and the community surrounding the preserve to continue to manage this property. The chapter regularly conducts field trips and birds counts in the preserve.
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Audubon at Home
Garden for Wildlife
Local Bird Stores
Backyard Birds - Matthews
Birdhouse on the Greenway
Wild Bird Mart - Denver, NC
Wild Birds Unlimited - Concord
Wild Birds Unlimited - Charlotte
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