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Baby and orphaned birds picture of a baby bird
What should I do if I find an injured or orphaned bird?
If the bird has little or no feathers and you can find the nest, return the bird to its nest.
If the young bird is hopping and running away from you, let it be. Its parents will find it.
If the bird is in danger of becoming lunch for a cat or dog, scoop it up and place it in a nearby bush or shrub out of harm's way. Since most birds have no significant sense of smell, moving the baby bird to safety or returning it to the nest will not cause the parents to abandon it.
If the baby/fledgling is cold to the touch, take it inside to warm before returning to the nest. Nestle the bird in a warm towel or use a hot water bottle (with a towel between the bird and the bottle). Place the bird in a warm, dark, quiet room away from children and pets.
If the nest has been destroyed, you can create a makeshift nest using a small basket or a Cool Whip container. Line the container with material from the old nest or with dry grass and leaves. Wire your nest to a branch or place it securely in a branch fork near the old nest. Be sure there are holes in the bottom of the container to allow drainage.
Call a rehaber for further instructions.
Do not offer food or water until you have spoken with a rehaber.
Do not check on the animal or bird for 30 minutes.
Helpful Local Numbers:
Carolina Raptor Center - 704-875-6521
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue - 704-668-9486
Wild Birds Unlimited - 704-844-8426
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