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Shade Grown Coffee and MAS

Collage of images taken by MAS members during their trip to Nicaraqua shade grown coffee farms.

For almost ten years now folks who attended Mecklenburg Audubon Society meeting have been able to sip some brew before the program began. When we first started serving Birds & Beans Coffee the idea of shade grown coffee was new to most of us. MAS decision to switch to shade grown coffee was a conscience effort to support this fledgling environ-mental movement. In doing so we've been able help support coffee growers in Nicaragua. In January of 2016 a group of five MAS members visited several farms in Nicaragua to see first hand how our monies have benefited birds, farm families and rural workers, and the Earth we all share.

Why Drink Shade Grown Coffee?

Here are five reasons to always buy and drink shade grown coffee:

  1. Protect Neotropical migrants and local bird species.

  2. Conserve forest and habitat.

  3. Keep toxic chemicals out of the eco-system.

  4. Support farm families and local communities.

  5. Preserve healthy microclimates.

Bonus - the coffee tastes GREAT!

Infographic explaining why alll shade grown coffee is not equal
Smithsonian Bird Friendly certification logo

Confused by all the different labels - organic, fair trade, bird friendly, rainforest alliance? Read Why Drink Bird Friendly Coffee by Jan & Phil Fowler, MAS members. This brief article does a nice job of explaining what the different labels mean. When you drink Bird Friendly certified coffee, you brew a more biodiverse, sustainable world. Look for the Bird Friendly label, the gold standard in eco-friendly, organic farming.

Birds and Beans is Smithsonian Bird Friendly, USDA Organic, and Fair Trade certified coffee. And 10% of its profits go to supporting coffee growers throughout Central and South America.

Why Drink?

How to Order

Several cups of coffee with a bag of Birds and Beans coffee
How to Order
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