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Birding Hawaii:  The beauty and challenges


Presenter: Kevin Burke, VENT Field Guide

Prior to the arrival of humans to the Hawaiian archipelago, the islands supported an incredibly diverse and unique avifauna comprised of at least 113 endemic species. These species ranged from flightless geese, ibis and rails to one of the most famous cases of adaptive radiation – the Hawaiian Honeycreepers, of which at least 59 species have been described.  Hawaii also has the unfortunate distinction as one of the epicenters of the extinction of its species.  Since human colonization, 71 birds have been confirmed lost, 48 prior to the arrival of Europeans, and 23 since Captain Cook first arrived in 1778. Of the 42 remaining endemic taxa, 31 are federally listed (29 species and 2 subspecies), but 10 of these have not been observed in as many as 40 years and are of unknown status. 


Apapane ©Laura Erickson

Please join Kevin Burke, field guide for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT), as he talks about the beautiful avifauna of Hawaii. His talk will cover the highlights from three main islands: Oahu, Hawaii, and Kauai. We will also learn of the challenges facing the native Hawaiian birds and a little about what is being done to try to slow the damage being done to these species. Come take a tour of Hawaii and its birds!

Refreshments will begin around 6:45 PM with the program starting at 7:15 PM. The presentation will be recorded for those who can't make the meeting.

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