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Mission & History

Our Mission

Mecklenburg Audubon Society is dedicated to promoting the appreciation, protection, and preservation of birds and other wildlife through inclusive, community-based education and conservation activities that will ensure they will survive and thrive.

Brief History

Originally established as a Mecklenburg Audubon Club in 1937 by Charlie Sellers, Elizabeth Clarkson and Beatrice Potter, the Mecklenburg Audubon Society became the first official North Carolina chapter of the National Audubon Society in 1970. Mecklenburg Audubon has a long, productive history of bird conservation in the Charlotte area. The current membership of over 1,000 members comes from all walks of life but has one common interest - protecting habitat for birds and other wildlife. We want to share our love of nature with others through educational outreach, citizen science and community partnerships.


Statement of Philosophy

  • We believe in the wisdom of nature’s design.

  • We know that air, soil, water, plants, and wild creatures depend upon each other and are vital to human life.

  • We recognize that each living thing links to many others in the chain of nature.

  • We believe that persistent research into the intricate patterns of outdoor life will help to ensure wise use of the earth’s abundance.

  • We condemn no wild creature and work to ensure that no living species shall be lost, and no person shall be left behind.

  • We will be vigilant to protect wilderness areas, refuges, and parks, and to encourage good use of nature’s storehouse of resources.

  • We dedicate ourselves to the pleasant task of welcoming all to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor world and to share in protecting its wonders forever.

Meet Mecklenbird

This rare species was first spotted on promotional materials for the Audubon NC Summit 2020, which was blown off course by COVID-19 (now scheduled for April 2022 in Charlotte). Its bino eye-rings, teal-glossed Queen City crown, and honey-gold beak took flight from the imagination of designer Karlie Altherr of Lighthouse Paper Co. in collaboration with our VP Christine McCluskey. We are proud to be Mecklenbirders, and our new mascot communicates our youthful and unique view of the natural world and ability to see magical things other people don't. Here's looking at you, Mecklenbird!

Mecklenbirder - Mecklenburg Audubon Socieity's mascot icon
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