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Order Birds & Beans Coffee from MAS and support habitat conservation for the Wood Thrush in Central America.
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To pre-order your coffee for pick-up at the monthly meeting email Bill Duston [] and provide him with the following information: Name, Phone Number, Email address, Number of bags desired, Type of coffee, Grind type, and Size.
Suggestion Box
Suggestion Box
Thursday, May 4th : (refreshments 6:45 PM; program 7:15 PM)
Tyvola Road Senior Center, 2225 Tyvola Road, Charlotte, NC 28210
The rusty patched bumble bee (Bombus affinis), a prodigious pollinator, is the first bee species in the continental United states to come under federal protection. It was added to the list of endangered species on March 21, 2017. Twenty-years ago it was a common sight across a large swath of the United States including the Charlotte area. Unfortunately, its population has fallen by an estimated 90% because of disease, pesticides, climate change and habitat loss.

Angel Hjarding, director of pollinator and wildlife habitat programs with North Carolina Wildlife Federation, will be our May meeting presenter. She will introduce us to this amazing little creature and fill us in on what is being done to bring it back from the edge of extinction. In addition, we will learn what we might be able to do in our own backyard to join the effort. Angel will also bring us up to speed on the Butterfly Highway, project in which she is deeply involved.

So buzz on over to the Tyvola Senior Center on Thursday, May 4th. Sweets and nectar will be available at 6:45 PM with the program starting at 7:15 PM.


Although the numbers are in, there is still time to support your favorite Birding Team. The final numbers are below. To support the project

First complete a ‘pledge/donation’ form. You can download the form or you can fill out the form online. This will give us an idea of who is pledging and how much is being pledged. If you print out the form you can bring it to our monthly meeting or send it to the address on the form. You can then submit your donation using one of the following methods.

  1. Mail a check payable to Mecklenburg Audubon Society to: P.O. Treasurer, Mecklenburg Audubon, Box 221093, Charlotte, NC 28222. Please indicate the money is for the Bird-a-thon. (A copy of your original form would be helpful.)
  2. Bring your check/cash to the May or June meeting.
  3. Use the PayPal Donation button below. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to submit a donation. Click on the ‘Donate with a Card’ button at the bottom of the box. Please enter the name of the Team you are supporting where it says ‘Special Instructions’.
The Teams
  1. The David’s Wright Here With Us’s (David’s old area) McAlpine Wastewater Treatment Plant, McMullen Greenway, and Pineville. Goal: 75 Final Count: 93
  2. City Flickers: Latta Park, Elmwood Cemetery, Stewart Creek Greenway, Marshall Park, CPCC, Bright Walk. Goal: 60 Final Count: 49
  3. Airport Wrecking-ball Cranes: From the airport to Lake Wylie and south to Shopton Rd. Goal: 85 Final Count: 103
  4. Steel Creek Waders: West of Pineville to Lake Wylie. Goal: 85 Final Count: 60
  5. Evergreen-winged Teals: East Charlotte, including Evergreen Nature Preserve and the Mint Museum. Goal: 60 Final Count: 72
  6. McAlpine Birding Beavers: Southcentral Charlotte, including McAlpine and Briars Creek Greenways, Veteran’s and Chantilly Parks. Goal: 75 Final Count: 72
  7. Wandering Taylorbirds: Various spots in central and southwest Charlotte. Goal: 80 Final Count: 97
  8. Myers Park Warbler Warriors: Freedom, Edgehill and Park Road Parks, and stops in between. Goal: 60 Final Count: 57


Upcoming Events
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Don't forget to submit your local sightings to eBird and share them with MeckAudubon (username). It helps us keep track of what is being seen when in the county. Thanks.
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