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2,500 and Counting!!!
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Monthly Meeting: Thursday, April 3rd • 7:30 PM
Birds are capable of amazing feats of navigation in their annual migratory flights, as well as cunning exploitation of a wide range of habitats. Some have complex social activities, cooperating in location of food sources, in hunting, and even in communal raising of their young. How do they accomplish all of this with such tiny brains? Dr. Jim Pugh, a Charlotte neurologist and Mecklenburg Audubon member, taught neuroanatomy at the University of Michigan prior to moving to North Carolina in the 1980's. In the last thirty years, the new technologies used to improve our understanding of human brain anatomy and function have been exploited by bird scientists as well. The result has been a completely new picture of the circuitry of the avian brain and a new appreciation for avian intelligence. Jim will explain absolute and relative brain sizes versus intelligence, the basic design of the human brain, the basic design of the avian brain, the relative intelligence of different bird groups, and the evolutionary forces that shape large brains. There will even be a few brains to pass around, along with some comic relief from an intelligent feathered friend!
So join us for an evening filled with fascinating information at the Tyvola Senior Center (2225 Tyvola Road) on Thursday, April 3rd.
Come early for refreshments and visit our merchandise table for a nice selection of T-shirts. Brown-headed Nuthatch boxes will still be available at the meeting for $15 each. Be sure to sample some Bird Friendly Birds & Beans coffee during the meeting then purchase a bag to take home or share at the office. Pre-orders will also be placed for pick-up at next month's meeting. Help the birds by drinking great tasting Bird Friendly coffee!
Volunteers needed graphic Mecklenburg Audubon has grown tremendously in the past five years. Not only in membership size but also in stature in the local community and across the state. Our chapter offers more field trips than all of the other chapters combined. We have taken on a number of high profile projects which are enhance the local environment for everyone who lives in it - birds, wildlife and people! They say success breeds more success and that's exactly what is happening. The community is concerned about the natural environment and they are turning to our chapter and it's membership for help.
However, we can not sustain this growth and involvement without help from all of our members. We have a very active board, who work diligently for you but they can't do it alone. You don't have to an expert at anything to volunteer. In fact it's the best way to learn even more from those with whom you are working. Please, consider volunteering for one or more of our projects. Just imagine what we could do if everyone just picked an hour or two a month. We could really make a difference in the community. Click here to find out some of ways you can help.
Nuthatch Nestboxes
The Brown-headed Nuthatch, a southern bird born and bred, needs your help to find a good home. Because of urbanization and deforestation, these nuthatches are losing the pinewoods and dead trees they need for nest holes. These darling, squeaky birds need more nest boxes now so we can all enjoy them for generations to come.
With your help, 10,000 new Brown-headed Nuthatch homes will be put up in North Carolina by 2015. To help with this effort Mecklenburg Audubon is selling nestboxes specifically designed for these diminutive birds for $15. We will have the boxes at our monthly meetings. But to make sure there is one waiting for you please contact Jill Palmer to reserve your box.
To keep track of how many houses are going up, please register your Nuthatch Nest Box project participation. When you register, we'll send you more fun facts about nuthatches and other backyard birds.
More information.
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Mecklenburg Audubon is selling Bird-Friendly coffee to raise conservation funds to help protect habitat for the Wood Thrush. For more information.
Regular: 12 oz - $11.70
  32 oz. - $20.85
Decaf: 12 oz. - $12.65
  32 oz - $22.85
Whole beans or coarse, extra fine, fine, medium grind available.
To order contact Bill Duston [] by the 20th of the month for pick up at the next scheduled monthly meeting.
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