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banner announcing a pot luck dinner on january 8, 2015 at 6:15 PM
As the New Year begins we all tend to take a few minutes to review the past year. For nature lovers that means reliving the year’s outdoor adventures. Why not take this opportunity to not only remi- nesce about them but also share your experiences with others?
That’s what happens at the January meeting. It’s like the old kindergarten ‘Show & Tell’, except for adults it’s more like ‘Brag & Tell’. It doesn’t matter, bring your pictures in print or on CD, thumb drive, or whatever to share with every- one. Some of us don’t get to travel as much as others so this provides us an opportuntiy to travel vicariously through your experiences
This meeting is also our annual POT LUCK dinner which means we meet at 6:15 PM. Please also bring a place setting (plate, utensiles, cup/mug) for each person coming. The club will provide coffee & other beverages.
So don’t forget to bring your pictures, videos, food and friends on Thursday, January 8th, at 6:15 PM at the Tyvola Senior Center (2225 Tyvola Rd.).
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Mecklenburg Audubon is selling Bird-Friendly coffee to raise conservation funds to help protect habitat for the Wood Thrush. For more information.
Regular: 12 oz - $13.00
  32 oz. - $23.00
Decaf: 12 oz. - $14.00
  32 oz - $25.00
Whole beans or coarse, extra fine, fine, medium grind available.
To order contact Bill Duston [].
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