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Clark's Creek Nature Preserve

Let's Go Birding Together 

Birding Hot Spots

Welcome to Charlotte Area Birding. You can interact with this map in several ways. Start by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner and choose what type of site you want to visit. Then when you click on an icon, it will give you information about the spot including a brief description, links to eBird checklists, a trail map (if available). The additional directions link will take you to another Google map that will allow you to get directions. The direction are to the access areas for the spot.

If you want to see the map in full screen click on the expand icon in the upper right corner of the map.

More information about birding in the Charlotte region below the map.

Greenways/Nature Preserves

Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Park and Rec Department maintains an extension greenway system with almost 68-miles of paved trails. All of the greenways have good habitat for birds because they have been built in and along creek flood plains. Not all of the greenways have been included in the map above, only those most frequently used for MAS bird walks are included. Those greenways associated with parks will have nearby bathroom facilities, the rest do not have facilities. Complete list of greenways.

The Department also manages 26 nature preserves, many of which have no facilities and/or no formal trails at this time. The 79-miles of trails are natural and vary greatly in terrain. Four the preserves have nature centers and provide educational programming. Complete list of the nature preserves and locations.


The Carolina Thread Trail

The Carolina Thread Trail is a regional network of greenways, trails and blueways that encompasses fifteen counties and two states. There are 217 miles of trails open to the public, many of which provide suitable bird habitat and are conducive to birding. Many of our local birds walks are along these trails.

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