black vultures ©David Wright

Scavengers from the Sky

Image by David Wright 

Scavengers from the Sky: Vultures Recording

Thursday, January, 7th 2021 | 7:00 PM

Speaker: Hannah Partridge, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Osprey ©Jeff Lemons

Even nonbirders when a large dark bird is soaring in the sky or standing along the road eating roadkill. Often referred to as ‘buzzards’, vultures are fascinating creatures that are misunderstood by many. One person who is trying to understand these cryptic birds is Hannah Partridge, a graduate student at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Last spring MAS provided her with grant money for her master’s project. The project was to determine the effect of urbanization on roost selection by Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures. Hannah mapped permanent roosting in the Charlotte area and study the landscape and habitat features that make them usable by the vultures. She also took some pretty amazing videos of a nest, which she will share with us along with the results of her project at our January meeting.

Program will be available via Zoom and our Facebook page.

Which Finch is at Your Feeder?

Member Photo Share-a-thon

Usually, our January meeting is devoted to eating, getting to know other birders and sharing favorite photos. Like everything else this year, we are going to have to adapt to our virtual environment. Instead of the Potluck this year our Zoom meeting will include a presentation on vultures. But since we have so many excellent amateur photographers in our group, we are still going to provide time for members to share their photos.

To facilitate this endeavor, Judy is suggesting two methods for providing her with photos for the share-a-thon. 

Method 1: Contact Judy ( and let her know you want to share some photos. She will then send you a link to our Google drive where you can upload those photos along with instructions on how to upload them. You will need to have the photos uploaded by Noon on Thursday, January 7th (the day of the meeting).


Method 2: If you already upload your photos to a site like Flickr, email Judy ( letting her know where she can go to download the photos. You will need to provide this information to Judy by 9 PM on Wednesday, January 6th.


Judy will compile the photos into a power point to share at the meeting. During the meeting, when your photos come up you will unmute yourself and tell us about each of the photos just like we usually do at a face-to-face meeting. Remember to limit yourself to 10-12 photos.


If you any questions, contact Judy Walker (

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