American Oystercatcher ©Walker Golder

Amazing American Oystercatchers

Photo by Walker Golder

Amazing American Oystercatcher

Thursday, November 5, 2020 | 7:00 PMs

Speaker: Lindsay Addison, Audubon NC Coastal Biologist

Osprey ©Jeff Lemons

The American Oystercatcher is one of the only birds that has evolved to specialize on eating bivalves, and it's one of the most distinctive birds found anywhere in NC. They're also an unusual story of conservation, as a species that has received intensive management effort over the past 15 years despite not being on the endangered species list. Lindsay Addison, Audubon North Carolina Coastal Biologist, will share with us their natural history, some fun facts, and summarize Audubon NC's work with them around the state.

Program will be available via Zoom and our Facebook page.

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